Basketball Hoop Installations

Home Court Hoops installs basketball hoops perfectly.

Top 10 Reason to Hire Home Court Hoops as Your Basketball Hoop Installer.

  1. We show up on time and when promised.  We even give you an hour notice of when you should expect us so you aren’t confined to your house.
  2. If you by a hoop through us we receive shipment so you don’t have to sit around all day waiting for a delivery guy.
  3. We’ve installed thousands of hoops so we have a very good eye for where a hoop should and should not be installed and can give you excellent advice.
  4. We use only hand tools (No augers) so we do not cut any sprinkler lines, dog fences or the like.
  5. We dig holes according to the exact specs for depth and width.
  6. We install your hoop level, square and with everything as it should be.
  7. We offer more additional services than anyone: 1/2 court stencils, basketball pole padding, backstop netting, basketball hoop lighting and much, much more.
  8. We’re extremely neat.  We not only don’t leave a mess but we take all the cardboard with us when we leave.  (It’s a lot more then you’d think.)
  9. We give you a quick tutorial on how to use and maintain your hoop.
  10. We’re extremely competitively priced and with an installation in 5-7 business days, there’s no one who operates more quickly than we do.
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